This is why I LOVE my job

I’ve just received this testimonial from a client, and I thought I’d share it with you.  Not only because it’s really lovely and it makes me all wobbly-headed, but also because I thought it’s quite good to explain how I worked with Jason.

You can see why I love my clients!!!


Sue Haswell and the Big Results PR & Marketing company was recommended to me by a close friend; she had worked with Sue to develop her own business. My friend  knew I had a lot of ideas but was struggling to find the right start point and needed a coach and mentor to help lift the fog and bring clarity to my business direction.


Sue and I live geographically quite a distance from each other but this makes absolutely no difference in working together or the results that have been achieved to date. In the first two Skype sessions she has helped establish the start point for my business, my brand and the first product that I should start on; which was no mean feat as at the time I had around 30 pages of ideas!


In the four months since those sessions I have written the book, worked out and am implementing the marketing plan and identified the next product to develop, it’s not only quite simply an amazing journey but my new business is unfolding quickly in front of my eyes!


She is excellent at tailoring a plan in and around your business needs and constantly acts as the ‘voice of reason’ to challenge, check progress and make sure everything is on track. But it doesn’t end there as the support continues throughout the whole process whether developing the product, implementing or marketing it she is always on hand to give that extra piece of advice that makes the difference; not only in business but also personal matters too!


Her vivacious nature and ‘Big Personality’ is infectious and you cannot fail to like Sue as a coach but also a very warm and caring person. These attributes help to drive her creativity and ability to pick out and shape ideas quickly as she gets to know who you are and how you tick.


Sue has been quite simply the best recommendation I have ever received to help me develop my own business. I look forward to not only continuing but also building on the relationship I have with her and developing many more successful ventures.


Jason Scott Oakes

The Make It Happen Coach and Author of ‘Putting ‘The Boot’ On the Other Foot: Successfully Project Managing Yourself Out of Redundancy’