New business? Want PR? Here’s a handy PR checklist

We have designed this PR checklist because often brand new companies will come to an agency with an idea that they “need some PR”…

However, very few people who have just set up a new company are 100% clear about what it is they are seeking.  This PR Checklist sets out to clarify their objectives.  Feel free to use it as a tool to support what you are looking for from PR and marketing.

  1. What do you understand by PR/Marketing? Why do you think you need PR?
  2. What do you understand about the difference between marketing and sales?
  3. Before you set up your business, who wrote your business plan? What are their ideas?
  4. As part of your business plan, you will have created a marketing plan… has that changed? If so, why?
  5. Who will be doing your sales?
  6. What would success in Sales/PR/Marketing look like to you?
  Sales PR Marketing
In terms of new customers?  
Increased customer spend?
Geographical reach?    
Your brand awareness?      
Brand sustainability?
Any other factors?      


  1. Where are your existing customers? How did you get them?
  2. Where will you find new customers? Where do they hang out?
  3. What will make them want to buy from you? What pain are you solving for them?
  4. What are your PR/marketing/advertising budgets?
PR – monthly fee + Photography costs Advertising – design costs, media booking, time, Marketing – collateral, design, production, time Totals – x 12 for a year+ 10% contingency
  1. How much new business will you need to gain in order to make this budget realistic?
  2. How are you going to measure your success?


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