PR – press release training

PR – how to write a killer press release… and then what to do with it?

Our press release training helps you get a grip on PR or public relations. PR is a great tool.   It can help to manage reputation, it can be used for promotion, it’s creative and pro-active.  And best of all PR is usually FREE of any media cost – unlike advertising!  Not just the province of larger companies,  PR can be used even if you’re a one-person-band working from a kitchen table (in fact, that can be a great story!)

Open course:  FULL.    We are taking notice of interest from various parties and once enough are reached, we’ll run another course.

Who should do this course?

– If you’ve ever wanted to get a handle on PR – using the benefits of FREE press PR Superstar bookcoverage to promote your business without spending a penny!

– Or you’ve had a great news event but not known how to promote it.

– Or people keep saying you should put out a press release, but you don’t know where to start

– Or you’ve written your press release but you haven’t known what to do with it afterwards…

…then this course is for YOU!

A one-day interactive workshop that walks you through all the elements of writing your press release, and then explains what to do with it afterwards.

Packed with loads of useful resources, and piled high with information.  This course takes a complicated issue and breaks it into bite-sized pieces.

The day:

In the morning we will cover when and how you should write your release, how to format it, and ensure it is newsy and relevant.

In the afternoon, we look at targeting the media, how to maximise the hidden benefits of PR, and using PR for backlinks to boost your SEO.



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