Training Reviews

We love getting reviews and feedback for our PR & Marketing Training.

Here are some of our recent reviews on training.


“Sue’s Marketing Training was very well presented in a fun, informative and experiential way and carefully geared to our needs.

“I am sure I will have gleaned many good ideas from the day to improve my marketing!   Many thanks.”     Pamela Ansell


 “Sue’s simple step to identifying my Buyer Persona was so helpful. I went into town today, parked my car and as I walked to get a ticket I found myself nodding a hello to a complete stranger. But she was my “Sonia”, co-created as my typical client. Bit spooky but very real. Thank you Sue.”       Denise


 The day with Sue really focused my mind on how to get my practice up and running, it brought clarity to issues which up till that point had been a bit woolly and vague. I feel fully tooled up to really get out there now. The exercise in which we described our ideal client also helped me realise the kinds of people it really excites me to work with – which was a bit of a surprise to me. Also the chat within the group as a whole was really useful”      Nichola


  “The training has given me plenty of ideas of how I can tailor my target audience and some tools to maximise some basic marketing methods.

“I thought Sue presented the day with just the right mix of knowledge and skill balanced with humour and practical applications to what was a totally diverse group with regard to their marketing experience. I was really pleased with how the day went”     Les


 “I found the whole day very informative and Sue made me think of the areas I need to focus on to reach my customers”    Alan P


“Sue was a wonderful trainer. Easy going yet at the same time she really succeeded in motivating us. I know have a much clearer picture of where to go with my marketing. The day was really enjoyable and fun.”     Morag


“I had no idea about personas before the day with Sue and I realized that this is absolutely fundamental to good marketing.
Now I have the tools to build strong foundations for any future marketing for my business, plus lots of inspirational and simple ways to grow my business from these renewed roots.”     With Love and Bright Blessings,   Julie Ann Horrox


“I was hugely impressed by Sue as a trainer. No mean feat to make a workshop accessible to newbies and experts. I was worried at the beginning that it would be about manipulating the public like companies like coca cola do. whereas it was about understanding how to contact and connect with the people we want to. I liked Sue’s non corporate persona – presumably tailor made for us”    Andria


“The day was informative and refreshing. I now feel more prepared to revamp my website and construct a comprehensive marketing plan. Thank you very much! x”   Aimee Hartley


“Sue’s approach was absolutely right for the mixture of expertise within the group.  She’s a first class communicator and trainer.
The pacing of the day was perfect and in summary I would say she exceeded our expectations on every level”   Alan D

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