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Newsletters are one of the most adaptable and useful means of communications.  And with so many different variants from printed to pdfs, online downloadable or e-zine format,  there’s always a perfect solution for every organisation.

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One of the newsletter’s key strengths is the opportunity to turn a sales message into a case study. Using testimonials and client comments, it means that instead of saying “we are great”, a newsletter is the perfect vehicle for third-party recommendation – written from the perspective of your client or biggest fan.Online newsletters can be a great way to  build a simple datacapture system through your eshot signups so you can communicate even more effectively with segmented audiences and specific messages.

Endorse your sales message with a newsletter

Here are our top three points on making the most of your newsletters.

… use variety, tones and different angles

A key area where newsletters score is in their believability. Simply because of that third-party feel, and being able to relate to other customers, newsletters can achieve the believability of magazines and newspapers. Of course it’s vital to ensure that your story is real, that the case-studies are genuine, and once you strike a happy balance the newsletter can be a great tool.

What are they best used for?
Selling, promoting, launching products or service, making announcements, engaging and informing, providing light entertainment to your staff…. The newsletter can be all these and more! We’ve produced newsletters that have been entirely focused on training the staff and doing this through stories and case-studies.
Other newsletters have been community-based, getting the community onside and involved in events and with the organisation.

How do I start a newsletter?
Simply start by asking “what do my readers want to read?”  Do they want entertainment, education, information or a combination?  How often do they want to read your newsletter? What format is best for them?  Email, printed, pdf, eshot system?   How about photographs or images?

Of course you can also use our newsletter strategy service. We can help you decide on what it needs to achieve, and the best ways to do this. We can put together a full newsletter strategy that will take you from no-news, no-newsletter to loads-to-say, and a vibrant, informing, entertaining and educational read that gets the results you want.
Our services include planning and evaluating your audience, devising the way stories are to be told, contacting and interviewing for stories, producing competitions and getting the whole thing approved, designed, printed and delivered!

Call us on 01626 864458 to see how we can help.

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