Environment Policy

Rationale for our environment policy

Although few would expect a PR and marketing company to invest time and energy into an environment policy, this is an area that we feel is exceptionally important. In order to do our best for the environment, minimise our contribution to CO2, and to live and work more sustainably, we are committed to working to the BS8555 (Environmental Management) standard.

For outsourced items like events and printed materials we will suggest the most environmentally friendly option we can find for you. For our own internal activities, please see the following environmental policy.

Big Results offers creative and enthusiastic PR & marketing services and consultancy throughout Devon and the Midlands.

We are committed to working sustainably, to minimising our carbon footprint, and where possible encouraging others to do the same.

As PR consultants we have a privileged position when it comes to the environment. Not only are we able to instigate our own policy, and encourage our suppliers, but we can also encourage our clients to explore the benefits of having an environmental policy, and we can point out the positive PR benefits of such a policy – as well as the negative PR impacts of not having one.As part of our own Environmental Policy we will:

1. Continue the work from our investment in BS8555 course and implement results immediately

2. Commit to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution

3. Reduce our environmental impact by minimising the use of energy and raw materials.

4. Comply with all environmental legislation and identify how we can implement processes that exceed basic legal requirements where possible

5. Identify and collaborate with suppliers who ensure environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services throughout their supply chain

6. Instigate an ongoing training programme with our staff and directors, ensuring there is always one environmental champion in each office

7. Promote the benefits of our environmental management policy widely

8. Review this policy on a regular basis (generally every 6 months, and every time our business changes) as our business grows and develops

Version 1 of our environmental policy, dated 11th October 2008. Revised 23rd October 2011

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