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Sue Haswell

Sue Haswell

After working for a subsidiary of Shandwick, Sue Haswell set up her own consultancy back in the heady days of 1997, when shoulder-pads were still (almost) in, “Friends” episodes were still being made and computers had green screens.

“I have always loved the freedom of working for myself – I’m a self-confessed creativity-addict, and marketing is about getting noticed – not following a crowd.

“After working with a variety of businesses, large and small, I realised there’s more to life than working all hours to earn money –  so we moved to the South West, to live the dream, only to be greeted by a far smaller economy AND a recession! After such a vivid demonstration of the ‘Law of Attraction’, I am far more circumspect about what I wish for…

“I am now enjoying working with great clients who appreciate my creativity and who I love getting results for (hence the company name).

“I believe in collaboration, fun and old-fashioned hard work for appreciative clients.  If you have ideas and would like to talk, then I’d love to listen.”

Sue is keen on campaigning for green spaces and personal rights.  She frequently works with people at risk of homelessness, offering training in confidence, self-esteem and readiness for work.  She is also an advocate of choice and lifestyle balance, a Laughter Yoga teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

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“Since being mentored by Sue I have noticed significant positive shifts towards my goals. I have become more focused and find that I am taking daily actions in building my training business. She is highly attentive and elegantly helps me to see new creative ways in which I can use my existing skills and resources to achieve solutions. She has helped me to connect ideas together so that they can become marketable products which has meant that my training will be focused clearly on what my customers need. As an NLP practitioner myself, before starting my coaching journey with Sue, I thought that my awareness of some of the techniques that could be used might affect my experience, however Sue’s style is such that every time we meet, changes happen yet the techniques are invisible.”  

Tim Moorey, IT & Security Expert


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